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What is Your Core

When we take our first steps we don’t
think I am going to fail,
I will never be able to do this.

No we walk, we just do it.

This is our core

When we play, we don’t think
what if it doesn’t look perfect
and I get it wrong

No we play, we just do it.

This is our core

When we are happy,
we don’t hide our feelings
we don’t keep them inside.

No we laugh, we just do it.

This is our core

When we are tired
we don’t lie awake worrying
about the past or the future

No we sleep, we just do it.

This is our core

Can you remember what it feels like to live from your core?
Well the good news is just as we peel an apple to find the core
we can do exactly the same thing with ourselves by using Bach Flower Remedies.
So if your core is buried because you feel or suffer from…


The 38 Bach Flower Remedies will help you to evict negative emotions, fears and unwanted states of mind. The Remedies will restore harmony and peace of mind, bringing balance back into your life enabling you to live life from your core ….. So Lets Get Peeling.

Bach practitioner - peeling apple

Dr Bach and his Bach Flower Remedies

Scales - Banbury Bach Remedies

Dr Bach a Harley Street Consultant was concerned that conventional medicine focused purely on treating the disease and not the person. He believed there was a better way to heal people that involved treating the person as a whole, their emotional and mental states and any imbalances in their personality.

Bach practitioner - axe to scales

So he axed his lucrative medical practice in London and committed his life to finding a new system of healing using nature.

Bach Remedies - balance Rescue Remedy

For years he examined flowers, plants and trees and one at a time he found 38 remedies that could heal specific emotional and mental states. He combined 5 of his remedies into one remedy and called this Rescue Remedy to treat those in a state of emergency.

He tried and tested the remedies on himself and others to see what their effect was. He found the remedies were 100% safe and effective for adults, children, animals and the plant world. The remedies did not have side effects and could be taken alongside pharmaceutical medication.

He found that the remedies brought emotional and mental balance to his patients and as a result of this their physical health improved.

He bottled his remedies so they would be easy to use and transportable anywhere. They are sold worldwide.

Bach Remedies Oxfordshire

Dr Bach had fulfilled his life purpose, he had designed a simple easy to use system given from nature to heal all. His remedies are used worldwide today and his home in Oxfordshire "The Bach Centre" www.bachcentre.com continues as an education centre, training Bach practitioners to continue the work of Dr Bach worldwide

Private Consultation

Bach remedies bottle


As a registered Bach Practitioner I can mix a personalised remedy bottle of up to 7 remedies for you based on your current emotional state. Together in a consultation we can find the right combination for YOU and your current personal situation.

You need to take a minimum of four drops from the bottle four times a day, the bottle should last you up to three weeks. The remedies can work instantly however the speed at which the remedies work is all down to the individual and their personal situation.

The remedies do not have side effects and it is safe to take them alongside prescribed medication and other alternative therapies.

Consultations are private and confidential and a 1 hour Consultation at Themis House (personalised remedy bottle included) costs £40.

Contact Me

Carol Gallacher-Jackson
Themis House
11 Brinkburn Grove
OX16 3WX

tel: 07986 312133

Thank you for your time.

Love Carol x

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